Thursday, September 11, 2014

KYB Suspension Accessories Offer Stability & OEM Fitment

Every driver knows that there are few areas in any vehicle more important than the shocks. Only the uninitiated believe that the suspension is merely for comfort. When you take a closer look, you realize that the suspension is responsible for several critical functions including steering, stopping, and ride height. Whether you are into performance or everyday cruising, KYB offers the suspension parts you are looking for. You never have to worry about component fitment or function for one simple reason: KYB uses your OEM specifications to craft all of their struts, bushings, and cartridges. That means no matter what your ride is, KYB has what you want in the size you need. When it comes to shocks and struts, you shouldn’t settle for anything less…

KYB Excel-G Strut
Plenty of gearheads like hooking up with aftermarket gas struts but they often run into various issues. Savvy motorists want receptive valves, especially for busy autos. Others like a simple, factory-like design regardless of application. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, KYB has the answer. Starting with their Excel-G gas struts, KYB concentrates on delivering the OEM fit and finish that matters most.

With Excel-G gas struts, you get the best of both worlds. The sensitive valves allow for continuous efficiency, even on vehicles that are often hitting roadside turbulence. The rickety-rockety feeling worn-down suspensions are known for is completely wiped away. Best of all, there is a mixture of ultra-soft cushioning and intense stiffness. That’s right. Make sense? What basically happens is that Excel-G struts are meant for an intuitive suspension, offering the damping effect you need based on current road conditions. They’re soft when you need some support and hard when your vehicle requires a firm stopping point.

KYB Strut-Plus Steering Damper
Known as the Strut-Plus line, these dampers put a defibrillator on your flat-lining steering suspension. One of the best qualities about this part is its simplistic design. There is not a bunch of moving parts to worry about. This is just one, uncomplicated component that happens to be tasked with a whole lot of responsibility. What’s it made of? Extra high-density piston rods inside of a metal housing with factory-sized eyelets. Have a slugging drivetrain or a monster with jumbo wheels? No problem. Strut-Plus steering dampers have what it takes to give your vehicle improved stability, even if you’re stomping around in a 4x4.

KYB Rear Shock Bushing
So let’s see… What’s the back of your vehicle good for, other than hosting the rear tires? Good looks? Taillights? Exhaust tailpipes? Obviously, there is much more happening at the back-end of your vehicle than superficial add-ons. In fact, the rear suspension of any vehicle is absolutely critical for proper tire grip, steering, ride height, and overall driving comfort. Pretty crucial stuff.

KYB rear shock bushings improve multiple areas at once. First and foremost, vibration is reduced, if not eliminated. No more bumpiness going over uneven road surfaces or pulling off of a curb. The more cushion the rear has, the better it is for the entire vicinity. Why? Simple. With dense rear shock bushings in effect, not only is your suspension support increased, but stability is, as well. And with a cushier rear suspension comes less stress on the axles and in turn, the wheels. Not only are you adding ride quality, but you are also prolonging the life of your vehicle with KYB shock bushings.

Gas-A-Just Monotube Shocks

Gas-A-Just Monotube Shock
Monotube shocks are single-tubed with one cylinder and typically, a wider diameter than the stock parts. If you were to look at both twin and monotube shocks, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from the outside. However, inside of KYB monotube shocks tells the full story. Gas-A-Just monotube shocks use a pressurized gas charge that is ignited by the piston. At the point of compression, the pistons manage the fluid with concise movement. This also happens to prevent leaks.

But more than anything, Gas-a-Just monotube shocks are there as dampers. Once in place, your car cruises in a much more balanced manner, eliciting an improvement over the OEM. The oil flow is more efficient since there is more per stroke and the pistons do not seize under heavy amounts of stress. Instead, you get positive suspension performance time and time again.

KYB specializes in offering suspension parts geared towards drivers looking to continue on with the same quality and fitment of the OEM but with more reinforcement for those busy days on the blacktop. From shocks and struts to bushings and dampers, KYB has what you need to keep your machine going smooth.

And UltraRev is here with a full catalog of KYB suspension parts for more models than anywhere else on the web. Our history of quality and customer service is recognized throughout the industry. If you are on the market for suspension upgrades that do the trick for your car, truck, or SUV, trust us to get you where you’re going.

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